Longest Shooting Range on the East Coast!

Located in beautiful Vermont!

1200 yard shot!

1 mile shot coming soon!

Long Range Shots

Welcome to the best Long Distance Shooting experience on the East Coast of the United States! We are actively pursuing avenues to allow long distance shooters to take part in a simulation hunting experience where you will be able to shoot up to 1 mile away over a valley. We currently have lanes that allow all the way up to 1350 yard shots. We expect our 1 mile lane to be ready sometime in 2022. If you're interested in learning more about this, or you want to get all the details about shooting here then sign up for our Newsletter!

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How to Shoot Here

Shooting at the Long Range Shots lanes is not currently open to the public, however, sign up for our newsletter to get the latest breaking news on how and when our shooting lanes will be open! Our ranges currently allow almost a 1 mile shooting and anything in between! Becoming part of our newsletter will give you sneak peak access into the further developments as well as inside information on private invites to come shoot here before we open to the public, as well as advanced notice of when memberships will become available! Sign up today!

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